Igor's lucky notes
Note written on May 16, 2024

Advice if you want to learn vim in 2024

It looks Vim is getting mainstream again 🤣

So here are the steps I'd do to learn nowadays:

How to learn?

  • Understand Vim modes (command line, visual, etc)
  • Understand how to move yourself
  • Understand how to combine commands
  • Check out this free book
  • Check out this cheat sheet

I strongly recommend you use a predefined setup like LazyVim or LunarVim. When you become an advanced user, then make your configs.

How to start?

  • First two weeks, use Vim for your side projects
  • Third week, start using it for job tasks as well
  • After a month, don't use any other editor but keep them installed on your machine
  • After six months, leave only Vim installed

Are you now an advanced user?

Look for registers, macro and build your own Vim config in Lua or Vimscript